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The Wisconsin Production Guide is an online guide maintained by people who work in the industry.

This Production Guide began in 2002 when the State’s Film Office was being closed. We provide an accurate directory for the benefit of productions not familiar with the area.

This guide does not receive any public finding and relies on support from its Sponsors and the film technicians in Wisconsin. It is privately operated and is not required in any way to add every applicant to the directory. We require evidence of  competency. Listings are considered editorial content.

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There is no charge to update your current listing. If would like to change your category you must fill out a new application.



  • Applicants must be located in Wisconsin.
  • Applicants must supply a current resume and local references. (Call sheets and pay stubs are also acceptable.)
  • All applicants must pay an application fee of $50 for each category. All application fees are non-refundable regardless of whether an application is accepted or not. Listings are editorial content and have no monetary value.
  • Advertising is not related to listings in the directory.
  • Badger Guide LLC has final say in all matters regarding what is printed in The Wisconsin Production Guide. Badger Guide LLC reserves the right to review, confirm, edit and or omit any listing in whole or in part at our discretion.

Applications will not be considered without proper references and will not be processed without the appropriate fee.


Listings in the directory are free, however all new applicants must pay an application fee of $50 per listing applied for. There is no charge to update your listings.

Applicants can pay by check, credit card or paypal (Charges will appear as Badger Guide LLC.)




The application fee does not guarantee you a listing in the Wisconsin Production Guide.

Not all applications will be accepted. We reserve the right to re-qualify or remove listings at any time. Listings in the directory are editorial content and not related to advertisements.



If you are applying for a listing as a production company or post house do not apply for any freelance or crew positions. Employees of Production Companies will not qualify for a crew or freelance listing.


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